Who is managing YOUR health?

Who is managing YOUR Health?

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You have a professional managing your finances. A professional managing taxes. A professional managing your insurance. You even have professionals managing your pool and yard. But are you aware most executives do not have anyone managing their HEALTH? Sure, we all have doctors, but is anyone actively managing your health to optimum levels?

Many executives today just don't have time to take care of their own health. We are too busy and too stressed to take care of ourselves. Long workdays keeping bosses and shareholders happy. Travel. Meetings. Deadlines. Deliverables. Performance. Not to mention wives, husbands, and children. This leads most executives without the time or energy to manage their health - all too often to the detriment of their families.

We have all heard of the proverbial executive that goes to the doctor and gets a "clean bill of health" only to fall over dead from a heart attack in the days/weeks/months following. Why? It is because no one is MANAGING your Health.

Today's healthcare has changed. In years past we treated patients, and their families. Now? We treat labs and symptoms. If your labs are within normal limits and you have no symptoms, you are healthy. Right? Not right.

Smart executives know that their #1 asset is their personal health. Savvy business leaders realize that qualified executives don't grow on trees, and the investment they have made in the development of a junior or senior vice-president calculates into the 10's of millions-an investment that deserves protecting.

There are some 12-15 "Silent Killers". Do you have one? How would you know if you have a silent killer smoldering under the surface? Quality executive health programs seek to prove that you do or do not have any of these brewing. If we clearly demonstrate that you do not have a silent killer great! But if we find that you do have something alarming or concerning, we can address it before it becomes a real problem.

Ask yourself this: "Has my health improved since my last executive physical?" If the answer is "yes", you are on the right track. If the answer is "no", let's do something about it and keep you strong and healthy.

Your health is the one asset you can't replace

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