Chiropractor Richard Thwaites D.C.

Dr. Richard Thwaites entered into Chiropractic after 10 years in the US Army where he served both as an enlisted soldier and Medical Service Corps Officer, retiring in 1993 as a decorated Captain. Upon graduation from Parker College with his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1998, Dr. Thwaites entered St. Georges University College of Medicine where he earned his Doctorate of Medicine (MD).

As one of the very few practicing Chiropractors who has Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Medicine degrees, Dr. Thwaites is uniquely qualified to assist patients on their Journey to Wellness. "Assisting patients to understand their entire health picture, reviewing medical reports, laboratory results, comprehensive physical exam and issue specific evaluations, I am able to help my patients through the complex maze of healthcare, as they seek optimal health and wellness."

Chiropractor Southlake TX Richard ThwaitesAs a Chiropractor, Dr. Richard limits his patient load so that he can give his patients the time and attention they need and deserve. "Some practices see 10-20 patients an hour. I typically see 10-15 per day. Patient's health and wellness are too important to rush their care."

Dr. Thwaites empowers his patients to "Be The Hero of [Their] Own Wellness Story".

Inspired John 5, where Jesus asks the paralytic "Wilt Thou Be Made Whole", Dr. Thwaites helps facilitate total health and wellness with his patients.

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The fundamental question he asks new patients is, "Do you desire to become well?"

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