Medical and Chiropractic Endorsements

"Dr. Thwaites has a unique skill set that allows him to transition between and utilize multiple aspects of medicine and wellness. His integrative knowledge gives him a unique perspective that is logical and thought-provoking. He is also thoughtful, kind, and caring. He checks off all the boxes and is a great provider!"

- Nathan York, MD/PhD
Medical Director of USC Keck School of Medicine

"Dr. Thwaites is one of the finest physicians I know. I have known rich for almost 20 years. I recommend him strongly!"

- Robert (Bobby) Kamali, MD, CHCQM
CHCQM Regional Medical Director
Sound Physicians

"Dr. Thwaites is highly experienced in a variety of areas within the medical field. He is an innovator in medical education, having helped shelped the careers of innumerable physicians and having the creativity to anticipate the direction that medical education will be going, rather than remaining stuck in the past. As a medical practitioner, he is skilled in both medicine and chiropracty, allowing him to craft an overall wellness plan that addresses the entire body."

- Adam Cloe MD/PhD
University of Chicago

"Having known and worked with Dr. Thwaites for over 15 years, I give him my strongest endorsement. His experience, compassion towards patients are exemplary."

- Sammy Eghbalieh MD, FACS
Director of Vascular, Endovascular & Vascular Imaging

"I have known Dr. Thwaites for several years, and have had the privilege of collaborating in the care of mutual patients. I would be hard pressed to think of a physician more thorough in his evaluation, or more diligent in his pursuit of the very best care possible. He takes a personal interest in the care each of his patients receives, and continues to facilitate communication between the patient, their family, and healthcare providers that is so often lacking. Dr. Thwaites is the type of physician that I would want caring for my family."

- Galen Howard MD
Urology Clinics of Texas
Denton Texas

"I have been privileged to know Dr. Thwaites since 2007, and consider him among my mentors in practice and life. He has experience, creativity, and insight not only in the world of medical education, but complex clinical case management. It is very common in the world of "mass produced" medicine to focus only on the immediate or short term problems, Dr. Thwaites has his vision on the long term and can predict and avoid future problems before they manifest. While I no longer live in Dallas, he continues to make himself available for advice in the approach to practice and life. I am truly fortunate to have him as a colleague."

- Frank Lichtenberger MD, PhD
Board Certified Internal Medicine, Allergy/Immunology

"I'm proud to say I have known and worked with Dr. Thwaites for well over a decade now. His contributions to medical education and healthcare are simply unmatched by his peers!"

- Adam S. Weltz, MD
Acute Care Surgeon, Anne Arundel Medical Center
Assistant Professor of Surgery University of Maryland School of Medicine
FDA Medical Officer

"As an MD myself, and in addition to knowing Dr Thwaites for over 15 years, I would let him treat myself and my family. I have that much trust in him. Thanks"

- Manuel 'Manny" Suarez MD, FACP, FACCP
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program, WGH, Miami, Fl

"When need a doctor in Dallas/Fort Worth, I call Dr. Thwaites. Dr. Thwaites has an immense knowledge base of both medicine and chiropractic and puts them both into practice for the benefit of his patients. In addition, Dr. Thwaites is highly a respected medical educator and practitioner both nationally and internationally, with direct relationships with the elite of the elite physicians in our nation. He has given lectures across the United States and abroad, and is one of the finest clinicians I know."

- Raj Dasgupta MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM
Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Keck School of Medicine of USC
University of Southern California Department of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

"I have known Dr. Thwaites for a decade. He has made a huge impact in medical education specially at the undergraduate level. He developed innovative teaching techniques that have helped countless medical students. As a clinician he has a breadth of training background. He is the rare practitioner who has both MD and DC degrees. This helps him provide outstanding care to patients. He is very pleasant and personable with good bedside manners."

- Sharad Lakhanpal, MD, FACR, FACP

"Like a lot of people, I had never been to a chiropractor because you go see a chiropractor when you've had an accident or back pain. I did not fall into that category.

However, my primary care physician suggested that I see Dr Thwaites. I had been experiencing fatigue, headaches and difficulty sleeping for some time. I thought that was just the stressors associated "everyday life". After seeing Dr Thwaites, things have completely changed. He focused on on me as a person, and treated areas that have relieved tension. I am headache free and sleeping great and waking refreshed. I am so grateful to know that chiropractic can benefit so many others areas of our lives.

I am grateful my primary care physician introduced me to Dr. Thwaites, and that I was given the option to address my health concerns without jus writing prescriptions."

- Leigh H.

Dr. Richard Thwaites literally saved my life. He is one of a kind--he is a medical doctor AND a chiropractor. He is able to look at the whole person, and he literally saved my life.

I was doing some work at his home, and arrived a few hours late. I explained to him that I had been in a small car accident, and that the hospital wanted to hold me for some heart thing. I did not believe them, and went to work on the project. Dr. Thwaites got a stethoscope and listened to my heart. Then he called a cardiologist, who got me in 15 minutes later. The cardiologist diagnosed a ruptured cord that holds a valve in place, and began getting me scheduled for surgery.

I am confident that if Dr. Richard had not listened to my heart, I would have worked myself to an early grave.

Dr. Richard is also an incredible chiropractor. He does not just rack and crack his patients. He goes over their films each time they come in, so he knows exactly where to adjust them.

Dr. Richard's practice in Southlake, and if you need a doctor, you have to go see him.

- Mark Johnson

"I met Dr. Thwaites when I was a medical student and was immediately impressed with his creativity, his compassion for his patients, and his endless enthusiasm. Over the past 15 years, I've had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Thwaites in a variety of roles as he's taught, mentored, and inspired countless students along their personal and professional paths. He has a passion for truth and a relentless drive for improvement. When you're with him, Dr. Thwaites makes you feel like you're the most important person in his world. I know that he carries these superlative attributes into his clinical practice and that he will continue to change, challenge, and improve the lives of his patients for years to come."

- Michael Lloyd, M.D. Ophthalmologist (Glaucoma Surgery)

"Knowing Dr. Thwaites since 2003, I have been consistently impressed with his overarching mastery of medicine and chiropractic. He has treated me many many times, and I am sad that I no longer live in Dallas because I miss his impassioned care."

- Pablo Palomo MD, Nemours Children's Hospital

"I suffered from serious, re-occurring back pain for many years. Pain impacted my sleep, my work, and my family life. Over the years, all of the doctors I saw approached my pains just by focusing on symptoms-not why I had pain.

A while ago I was having a particularly "bad-back day". The pain maid just moving difficult. In one of the most serendipitous moments I could imagine, I ran into Dr. Richard Thwaites the day before I was scheduled for a spinal injection. He approached me seeing that I was uncomfortable, and asked what was going on. Touching my back, and turning me a little, he quickly diagnosed what was the problem. He found a place to treat me, and incredibly, with just one adjustment with his "magical hands" my back was healed - PERMANENTLY! I have not suffered from back pain since. I cannot overstate how more enjoyable life is without being in daily pain."

- Richard Foltak

"As a physician that was trained by and worked alongside Dr. Thwaites, I have seen firsthand what a remarkable doctor he is. He knows more about medicine, the specialities and even the subspecialties than anyone I know. He has adjusted my spine several times--an outstanding chiropractor and an even better person."

- S. Bernard Clinkscale, M.D., M.B.A.

"When I first met Dr. Thwaites back in 2005, I was in the Medical Scientist Training Program at UT Southwestern and working on my graduate thesis. Even though I had access to some of the best and brightest mentors in medicine, Richard immediately stood out as one of the most intelligent physicians I had met. He has an impressively broad knowledge base which spans anatomy, immunology, biochemistry, infectious disease, and cardiology. Working with him has been an awesome and continually rewarding experience!"

- Imran Mohiuddin MD. PhD.

"Dr. Richard Thwaites is a rare individual who combines a caring and warm persona in medicine with a direct no nonsense business acumen. Richard has a massive regional, national, and international list of medical contacts and clients who will speak roundly of his integrity, and forthrightness. Very simply put...if Richard says the job will be done as stated, on-time, it will.

Additional to his personal skills, Richard works well in a leadership role where he assures job completion through the fair and inspired use of of his team to get the best client results. Having read the details of Metroplex Wellness, I absolutely see Richard in the role of Chief Medical Officer.

With my strongest unqualified endorsement and with best regards."

- Gary W. McCutcheon, Ed.D
Director of Training
DynCorp Intl.

"I first met Dr. Thwaites during my residency and was immediately impressed with the way he carries himself and how he interacts with patients. He genuinely cares about his patients, colleagues and co-workers.

During my Fellowship, I worked for Dr. Thwaites teaching gastrointestinal physiology and medicine to medical students. The breadth and depth of Dr. Thwaites knowledge is inspiring. I feel fortunate to be able to work with someone of his caliber."

- Jay N. Yepuri, MD, MS, FACG
Digestive Health Associates of Texas

"Richard Thwaites, MD, DC, MBA, is a highly skilled physician and medical educator. I worked closely with Dr. Thwaites in Medical Education for over fifteen (15) years and have consistently been impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, confidence, and intense patient-centered focus. After directing the training of literally tens of thousands of physicians, both MD and DO, Dr. Thwaites has one of the strongest and most diverse medical professional networks imaginable. It is my pleasure and without any hesitation that I give him my highest and well-deserved endorsement and recommendation."

- Leonard B. Goldstein, DDS, PhD
Assistant Vice President for Clinical Education Development
A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

"Dr. Thwaites approaches his patients with the highest level of compassion and care imaginable. As an Osteopathic physician, I recognize the degree by which Dr. Thwaites is able to uniquely combine his education and background to treat the most complex medical conditions. I would trust Dr. Thwaites to care for myself and my family any day."

- Joshua Courtney, DO
President and CEO TrueLearn
Lake Erie College of Ostheopathic Medicine

"Dr. Thwaites and I worked together, where I taught Endocrinology and Endocrine Physiology. Working directly with Dr. Thwaites, I can confidently state that he is one of the finest clinicians around. He could talk Endocrinology with me, and then Biochemistry with the biochemists. His breadth of knowledge and experience is exceptional."

- Manu Chakravarthy, MD, PhD
American Board of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology
Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Axcella Health, Inc.

Richard Thwaites is both a Chiropractor and Doctor of Medicine. He literally saved my life with his bold honesty and integrity, as well has his deep well of knowledge and expertise. He provided access to elite medical care weeks and months before I could have arranged appointments myself. My interaction with medical professionals was much more productive because Dr. Thwaites prepared these professionals beforehand. To say his services are unique as well as indispensable would be an understatement. My wife is now stuck with me many additional years because of this amazing healer and healing facilitator."

- Fred Van Liew "The Water Doctor"

"I have known Dr. Thwaites for almost 16 years, and he's the only doctor I know who is both an MD and a DC. Upon our first meeting in 2002, I quickly gained a respect for his strengths not only as a physician but also his compassion for his patients. Since then, I've seen that he consistently demonstrates a strong accurate clinical assessment, and is one of the best providers I have known."

- Ty M. Bollinger CPA
Author, Cancer Truth Newsletter

"I have known Dr. Richard since medical school, where he distinguished himself for his hard work, his clinical acumen, and perhaps most importantly - his compassion and dedication to great patient care. He excellently combines his clinical skills with great bedside manner, to deliver the type of solid, compassionate care that patients deserve."

- Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH
CMIO and ABPM Diplomate of Clinical Informatics

"I have known Richard since 2003 and he has not only been a true friend but also is an excellent clinician and I highly trust his judgement and recommend him with no reservation."

- Kiarash Mirkia MD MBA FACS
Trauma/general surgeon
Medical Director
Maya Medical/Surgical Spa
Las Vegas, NV

"In all my interactions with him, Dr. Thwaites has shown himself to be intelligent, caring, and ethical. If I had a medical condition in Dr. Thwaites' area of expertise, I would certainly go see him."

- Ara Karamanian, MD
Medical Director of the Prostate Laser Center / Houston, Texas

"Without the knowledge and personal life lessons learned from Dr Thwaites I would not be the successful physician I am today!

His commitment to patient care and communication are at a level that we should all strive to reach."

- Christopher D Sharp, MD MS
Assistant Professor UTHSC

"Dr. Thwaites is the type of physician other physicians should aspire to. His focus on and his commitment to his patients is refreshing in this era of managed care, electronic records and overbooked patient loads."

- Maged Zaky MD, FACP

"I love Richard's passion and skills. I only wish I could be treated every week by him. In college Richard had folks lining up for one of his adjustments. He has a natural gift-he knows exactly where you are hurting, and where he needs to treat, even without telling him. I have been to other doctors and, compared to Richard, always left disappointed. Richard's intuition and brilliance have always over delivered, and still do today."

- Chris Durrance

"Dr. Richard is warm, kind, and an amazing doctor. He will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, and takes the time to get to know in the root of what is going on with you. I live in Mansfield, and it is a long drive to Southlake, but incredibly worth it. When he adjusts my spine, he is incredibly intuitive about what needs to go where and I feel like I am walking on air the rest of the week. I would recommend Dr. Richard for anyone looking for a chiropractor, he is the best anywhere!

- Rhisha Furguson

"My husband has done heating and air conditioning for over 40 years. He has done a number on his back. Some time ago, his back went out. At first his physician put him on pain medications and bed rest. Over the next three months, my husband could not work, could not stand, could barely sleep, and lost weight. Finally the doctor said that he needed surgery. We tried to find a good spine surgeon, and we just could not make that happen. We have known Dr. Thwaites for over 20 years, and we called him to help direct us. Since it was surgical, Dr. Thwaites got us into the #1 spine surgeon in all of Texas in 5 days.

The surgeon looked at the films and MRI, and decided that my husband was not surgical-yet. He recommended cortisone injections for the short term. We called Dr. Thwaites to get his opinion, and when Dr. Thwaites learned that it was not surgical, he agreed to see us that day. And truly, Thank You God. Dr. Thwaites looked at the films, and began to work on my husband. He was able to immediately take off some of the pain. He left the office standing straighter than I had seen in years. My husband began coming regularly, and within a few weeks, he was able to go back to work, installing air conditioning systems.

My family is grateful to God first. And also to Dr. Thwaites. He helped my husband avoid shots, surgery, and helped our family so much."

- Charon Coffman

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