The Doctor Will “See” You Now, But Not In Person

The Doctor Will "See" You Now, But Not In Person

Chiropractic Southlake TX Treatment via Computer

Many people thought it was hard to get an appointment to see a physician before COVID-19. Doctors are BUSY. Practices overworked and overbooked. According to a Duke University study, the "average" number of active patients a physician is responsible for is 2,300. And if every one of these patients required just 2 hours of physician care per year, the physician would have to work over 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So, it's easy to see why it was hard to get an appointment before COVID closed the doors to many primary care and specialty practices.

Welcome to the Age of Telemedicine. According to a study, prior to COVID-19, only 4% of patients over the age of 50 had ever experienced a telemedicine appointment. Today, it's about the only way to get an appointment. And while my #1 concern with telemedicine is that there are some very important assessments that simply cannot be done over a computer (feeling your pulse, looking in your ears/throat, feeling a lump) what do you think is a top concern of healthcare industry? How to maximize reimbursement.

Some doctors have realized that they can earn just as much seeing patients from the comfort of their own home offices via a computer, than they can by going to the office to a filled waiting room of live patients, with much less personal and professional risk.

At Metroplex Wellness, we believe that seeing patients live face-to-face in a office setting leads to the best possible care. We provide Fully Integrated and Comprehensive Care, with a network of literally thousands of physicians and specialists across Dallas/Fort Worth. According to Dr. Richard Thwaites, Medical Director of Metroplex Wellness, "Helping a patient understand the nature of their health concerns is just one aspect of care. Helping them get the appropriate laboratory studies, imaging, and timely consultation is crucial. Ensuring that our patients are seen, seen rapidly (in days not weeks) and seen live and in-person and what we do daily,"

If you would like to learn more about how Metroplex Wellness in Southlake can help you with access to the healthcare you need and deserve, contact our office today for a complimentary healthcare assessment and in-person consultation.

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